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TrustQuay has been serving the wealth management market for over 30 years and has more than 400 customers in 32 countries. Our customers range from smaller independent organisations with a single office to some of the world’s largest organisations with multiple global offices.

TrustQuay 5Series is designed to support the core business operations of:

  • Trust Administrators
  • Fund Administrators
  • Accountancy Practices
  • Fiduciary Companies
  • Family Offices
  • Company Secretaries
  • Corporate Services Providers
  • Law Firms
  • PLCs and MNOs

What TrustQuay 5Series can do for you

  • Reduce costs: increased automation improves operational efficiency and reduces errors and costs associated with manual processing.
  • Improve control: workflow processes guide staff through their day to day work and provide management with a clear, real-time view of the business.
  • Retain clients and grow business: improved customer service achieved through enhanced management control, reliable and consistent data, comprehensive reporting and a client portal.
  • Improve flexibility and agility: react quickly to changing market and compliance requirements through user configurable options.
  • Safeguard client data: functional and data access controls help to ensure sensitive client data is protected

General Data Protection Regulations

TrustQuay 5Series enables you to quickly and easily meet your GDPR obligations by:

  • Storing client data safely and securely in a single central repository, helping to ensure data consistency.
  • Supporting your organisations specific requirements for GDPR, through flexible software configuration.
  • Providing comprehensive security controls to protect personal client data, ensuring only authorised users have access.

TrustQuay 5Series Software Modules

  • A comprehensive and extensible repository for all client and mandate data.  It automatically produces client structure diagrams, client documents, forms and minutes and includes CRM and diary management functions.

  • The multi-entity, multi-currency, Accounting module provides a general ledger facility for client accounting, corporate accounting and fund accounting and includes balance sheet, profit & loss and capital/income statements, a purchase ledger and automates the production of Final Accounts.

  • The Investment module captures details of investments held by clients, entities or funds. Each client, entity or fund can have its assets assigned to a single portfolio or split between multiple portfolios.

  • The Time and Expenses Module provides a facility for employees to capture both chargeable and non-chargeable time. Expenses or disbursements relating to client based work can also be captured.

  • The Billing Module generates fee notes/invoices which can be reviewed and adjusted. It also records payments, creates credit notes and tracks debtor positions.

  • The Transfer Agency module captures fund investor instructions including Subscriptions, Redemptions, Switches and Transfers.

  • For those organisations that want more control, security and efficiency than storing documents in network folders and sub-folders, and for those organisations that don’t want the expense of a third party dedicated document management systems, the Microgen Document Store module provides an ideal solution.

  • The NAV module will process a fund dealing day and calculate the fund price.

  • The Client Web Portal provides secure Internet access to clients and intermediaries to view their wealth management and associated documents online.

TrustQuay 5Series features:

  • TrustQuay 5Series includes a set of standard data imports to allow the following data to be imported into 5Series: Accounting Journals, Bank Statements (Auto-reconciliation), Cash Accruals, Cash Reconciliations,... Continue reading

  • TrustQuay 5Series includes a comprehensive standard data take on tool to assist customers in migrating historic data from one or multiple data sources.

  • TrustQuay 5Series is designed with flexibility in mind by enabling the system to be configured to the way your business chooses to operate.

  • A significant feature of TrustQuay 5Series are workflow processes which guide staff through the necessary steps to complete key business processes.

  • Over 200 reports are provided. In addition a sophisticated query tool is provided to allow business users to quickly and easily search for data. Graphical dashboards can also be defined to provide visibility across the business and help staff manage KPIs

  • TrustQuay 5Series provides a comprehensive solution to support both regulatory and internal compliance.

  • TrustQuay 5Series can produce documents automatically and can save these either in a folder on the network or integrates with a number of document management systems.

  • TrustQuay 5Series has a range of features to ensure that your confidential client data is kept highly secure. Segregation and control of system functions and client data is a standard feature.

Why move to TrustQuay 5Series?

  • To replace either one or multiple legacy software applications that no longer support the requirements of the business.
  • To reduce or eliminate manual processes, thus reducing risks and costs.
  • To improve operational control and efficiency through the introduction of easy to configure and use Workflow.
  • To reduce operating costs, either by allowing growth without the need to recruit additional staff, or by reducing headcount through improved operational efficiency.
  • To provide support for regulatory compliance such as FATCA and CRS.

TrustQuay 5Series is built on tried and tested technology.

TrustQuay 5Series is modern software developed using Microsoft .NET and operates using a Microsoft SQL database. It also integrates with Microsoft Office.

TrustQuay is committed to making significant ongoing investment in enhancing the functionality of TrustQuay 5Series to ensure that it continues to meet the needs of our customers in their rapidly changing markets.

We’re now TrustQuay

Microgen has merged with Touchstone Wealth Management to become TrustQuay, the world-leading software provider to Corporate Services, Trust, Wealth and Fund Administrators.

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