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TrustQuay has a range of wealth management software solutions that serve different segments of the market:

We understand that the trust, corporate services and fund administration markets have experienced unprecedented change in recent years – and this looks set to continue. The compliance burden that companies in these markets face continues to grow following the financial crisis and resulting increase in regulatory oversight. Customers are demanding better service and increasingly moving their business to providers that offer this. Competition for business continues to intensify leading to pressure on profit margins, particularly as the advantages of off-shore administration decrease compared to on-shore.

Facing these challenges, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to improve efficiency whilst keeping tight control over all aspects of their business. Investing in new technology – particularly accounting and administration software – can have a major part to play in helping achieve these goals.

With over 30 years’ experience in delivering software to the wealth management market, TrustQuay has a proven track record of delivery and quality and a global customer base.


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Microgen has merged with Touchstone Wealth Management to become TrustQuay, the world-leading software provider to Corporate Services, Trust, Wealth and Fund Administrators.

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