Time & Expenses

The Time and Expenses Module provides the facility for employees to capture both chargeable and non-chargeable time. Expenses or disbursements relating to client based work can also be captured on the timesheet.

Managers and supervisors can easily check that time sheets are up to date, review the time that has been recorded by the members of their team and authorise time sheets to prevent further amendments. Chargeable time and disbursements/expenses are automatically processed by the billing module when generating client invoices or fee notes.

Time Projects

One or more projects can be established for each entity enabling the same activity to be allocated to multiple reporting lines for the same client. For example, a client may be receiving regular on-going services, but also have a special project in progress. Projects also define the valid services for each client, so when recording time the activity chosen is validated. Projects can be created from templates or can be customised for each entity.

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