The Investments Module captures details of investments held by any entity. Each entity can have its assets assigned to a single portfolio, or split between multiple portfolios.

Investments are categorised into 4 main types:

  • Stocks – investments which have a profile and are usually traded on an exchange. This includes equities, bonds, options and funds. The configuration options available allow for a wide range of instruments.
  • Contracts – deal based investments, typically fixed term deposits or loans and spot and forward FX deals.
  • Assets – investments which are not usually traded on an exchange such as property, land, art, valuables, yachts, vehicles etc.
  • Cash Accounts

Transactions can be captured manually or can be imported electronically. Recurring transactions for asset type investments remove the need to re-key the same information on multiple occasions, for example, rental income. Bulk transactions for sales, income, stock income and stock movements can be applied to multiple portfolios from a single transaction input.

Reporting of investment transactions, positions and client or fund valuations can be produced at portfolio, entity,client or fund structure level. Latest securities prices can be updated manually or by imported files provided by information vendors such as Bloomberg.

Transactional activity automatically generates and posts the associated general ledger accounting transactions according to flexible, user-definable rules.

Enquiries and reports are provided to analyse information across TrustQuay 5Series, providing valuable management information which can also assist with mandate reviews and risk assessments. Examples include details of all portfolios holding a particular stock, analysis of cash held with various banks and the ability to monitor the value of assets under management (AUM) with various filtering options.

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