TrustQuay 5Series API

TrustQuay 5Series is the core of your business, enabling you to create more efficiencies than ever before and understand exactly what is happening in your business at any point in time. With the 5Series API we’ve taken this a step further and used cutting edge technology to enable you to take these efficiencies from 5Series and integrate them with other software. We’ve created some examples below but they are just the beginning, with just a little imagination anything is possible.

The 5Series API allows you to

  • Easily take entity data and integrate it with another application (in your local environment or on the web)
  • Automate data transfer, avoiding errors created by manual processes
  • Access data without needing to delve into the complexities of the database

If you’re a customer you can find how how to install the 5Series API here

How an API works

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a way for two pieces of software to easily talk to each other. The major advantage is that rather than having to delve into databases to find what you want, APIs are an easy, supported way to get the data you want in a structured format. The 5Series API is written using standard RESTful techniques, secured via OAuth2 and with data response requests in JSON – terms that if you’re not a techie might not mean much, but to a developer means the API is quick to use once deployed.

What the 5Series API can be used for

With 5Series at the heart of your operation, your core business data is stored in one place and always up-to-date. It makes sense to take advantage of this by using the API to share this key data with other applications.

A simple example could be sharing this data with your corporate Microsoft SharePoint sites. We’re excited to learn how our API gets used, so please do email us at to let us know how you’re using it. And if you’ve got a great idea but don’t have the resource to do it, let us know and we can help.

A more specific example would be an using it for a Registered Office application. In many jurisdictions if you have companies registered at your address then, by law, you have to have these showing to the public. Traditionally, these would have been printed on a sign outside your office but now, with the API, you can easily pull this information from 5Series and build an application to show the companies on an iPad or computer.

We’ve created such an example application and you can find source code on GitHub.

More details

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5Series is a highly secure system that helps you control your organisation’s data and the 5Series API is no different. The API works with the existing, extensive security features of 5Series to ensure nobody has access to data they shouldn’t have. This also means you don’t need to worry about new security settings when deploying the API.

API docs

What does the API come with?

The API comes with technical documentation and we’ve written an example Registered Office application described above. Once the API is installed, interactive documentation is available via Swagger UI which will also allow you to try out API calls directly in your browser.

If you would like to look at the source code for the Registered Office application you can find it on GitHub.

API code

What does it look like?

The nature of an API means there are no visible interfaces, but below you can see a list of the end points available via the Swagger UI interface.

Installing the 5Series API

For existing customers, the files needed to install the API are available in the same location as the latest release of 5Series. Please access with the usual instructions or contact your IT administrator who usually installs 5Series updates.

Full installation and usage instructions are contained in the Readme file in the API installation folder. You will also need to agree to a new set of Terms and Conditions governing your use of the API, also available in the installation folder.

If you’re not a customer but would like to find out more about our latest technology then please get in touch.

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