Quorum comes with 270+ standard reports that cover many aspects of a service provider’s work. These reports retrieve important information at a click of a button and can provide an instant overview of the status of your clients and your commitments to them.

Key Features:

  • Standard Management Reports: Electronically retrieve data within Quorum in over 270 reports. This feature applies to areas of Quorum such as Contacts, Clients, Companies, Invoices, Timesheets and more.
  • Custom Reports: Modify existing reports or create new ones based on predefined data sources, according to needs.
  • Report Exports: Export any report generated from Quorum in one of the available formats as well as send it as an attachment through MS Outlook.
  • User defined reports shortlist: Bookmark the most frequently used reports in Quorum and shortlist them for instant access.
  • Report Scheduler: Schedule favourite system reports to be generated and delivered as pdf documents directly to email. Each report can have its own scheduling frequency.