• What type of companies are presently using Quorum? Quorum is used primarily by firms offering entity management, company secretarial and fiduciary services.
  • Is Quorum suitable for any size business? Yes, clients using Quorum range from single users to large operations with 250+ users.
  • How much does it cost to own Quorum? The cost of Quorum depends on the solution opted for and a number of other parameters such as number of users and modules.
  • Can I add users or additional functionality later on? Yes, this possible at anytime. Contact the Sales marketing@microgen.com or Support quorum-support@microgen.com and this can be set up and running almost immediately.
  • Will you provide us with training to use the software? Yes. We provide extensive training through our comprehensive online E-learning Centre, which is combined with some live remote or onsite training at your premises. After the initial training is completed, you can continue to access our online knowledge base that is embedded within Quorum and if requested, we can provide additional training.
  • How do you provide support if we need assistance? We provide support in many ways. Your first support option is the ‘Quorum Support Portal’ that is embedded within the software and contains hundreds of support articles and ‘how to do’ videos. These are constantly being updated and expanded. If this does not cover your enquiry, you can contact us by live chat, email quorum-support@microgen.com or phone and one of our support staff will be able to provide the answer. A third level of support is for our support or technical staff to connect to your computer remotely and assist you to resolve your issue.
  • Does Quorum support my jurisdiction? Quorum supports 250 jurisdictions worldwide and allows you to manage any company type applicable for the corresponding jurisdiction. The system comes pre-set with a number of key jurisdiction requirements but you have the flexibility to easily customize any of your preferred jurisdictions.
  • What languages does Quorum support? Quorum offers unlimited language input support. You can even keep contact data in multiple languages simultaneously.
  • Can I use Quorum alongside Microsoft Office and other software in our office? Yes, Quorum works seamlessly with MS Office. You can create, modify or simply access documents either through Quorum or MS Office. Install our MS Office add-ins and open, save or modify documents from any of the MS Office programs, directly into Quorum with one simple click. You can also add, open, edit, view, save locally and send via Microsoft Outlook any electronically stored documents within Quorum, without having to initialize Microsoft Office. Integration with other systems such as accounting packages is offered. Quorum is currently integrated with a number of popular packages. To find out more please contact us on quorum-support@microgen.com.

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