Entity Management

Quorum creates the necessary infrastructure to register and administer any legal entity within a controlled, automated environment. The system ensures that deliverables for clients are handled accurately, reliably and quickly.

Key Features:

  • Multi-jurisdictional support: Create corporate entities in the default jurisdictions provided within Quorum (including British Virgin Islands, Hong Kong, Cyprus, Malta) and ability to custom setup up to 250 jurisdictions.
  • 360 degree entity overview: Create and manage different types of corporate entity, including companies, trusts, branches (overseas companies) and ships, and record chronologically their activity history.
  • Complete secretarial: Detailed company statutory information ranging from simple custom details to complex official secretarial particulars applicable to legal entities and ships.
  • Meetings management: Registry of meetings with automated production and management of the Annual Return.
  • Powerful capital administration: Create, manage and record capital structures for company entities. Multi-Currency, Multi-Class, Mixed Capital Setup including Classic, Unlimited Capital and No Par Value Setup with the addition of Fractional Shares, Bearer Shares, Partly Paid Shares and many more.
  • Audit & Taxation: Record audit related work data within corporate entities to illustrate the data in any given fiscal year.
  • Legal administration: Records on legal matters such as court orders, charges, mortgages, participations in other entities, indemnity letters, letters of engagement, letters of consent, resignation letters, powers of attorneys and more.
  • VAT/VIES & INTRASTAT administration: Maintain the information and workflow of the Value Added Tax (VAT), VAT Information Exchange System (VIES) and Intrastat from one stage to another.
  • Corporate Register with Register of Members: Automatically create a Registry of Members in any given company, including General Overview and Capital Operations.
  • History log with undo capabilities: Integrated versioning of data to enable quick overview of the Legal entity at a given moment of its history.
  • Notifications and alerts: Receive email notifications via an internal customizable RSS feed whenever a corporate modification is made.
  • Bulk address replacement: Replace a specific registered address used by multiple clients with a single action.

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