Document Storage

Document Storage Quorum provides a document management platform that seamlessly automates the generation of official and templated documents and organizes client documents and file types electronically. It is easy to search and retrieve information in a matter of seconds.

Key Features:

  • Custom templates: Create customizable templates of Corporate documents to instantly generate corporate documentation and specimens for billing and bank transaction purposes or use the standard versions included in the system.
  • Official forms: Automatically generate official forms related to various jurisdictions such as Hong Kong, Cyprus, Malta, Labuan and St.Vincent and the Grenadines.
  • Organization of documents: Organize client files in an electronic way using the sophisticated folder directory available in Quorum. The directory is customizable and private per contact and entity saved in Quorum.
  • File search: Quorum provides Quick search that returns the most relevant results based on the filename and file description provided by the user.
  • MS Office Add-ins Integration (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook): Document Storage integration through Microsoft Office; create, modify or simply access documents either through Quorum or Microsoft Office. Install Quorum’s Microsoft Office Add-ins and open, save or modify documents from any of the Microsoft Office programs directly into Quorum with one simple click.