Contacts and Client Management

Quorum has contact and client management capabilities to allow users to maintain all contacts, be it physical persons or legal entities, and appoint any of them as officers in legal entities or even create individual clients that are provided other services to such as auditing, legal and consulting.

Key Features:

  • Contact management in multiple languages: Create and manage the same contact information in over 30 different languages simultaneously.
  • Multiple versions & addresses: Quorum allows the archiving of old contact information by creating multiple versions of the same contact (Versions Management). Quorum handles addresses for each contact in a similar way.
  • Contact usage analysis: With the interactive ‘Usage Tool’, how a contact is linked or associated with entities throughout Quorum such as companies, trusts, clients, etc. can be viewed.
  • MS Outlook contacts integration: Quorum features a two-way integration with Microsoft Outlook, allowing the import/export of contacts directly to/from Quorum.
  • Non-Corporate client management: Apart of corporate clients, you can also maintain clients to whom you provide other types of services, such as audit, legal services, consulting, payroll, etc.
  • Client custom services: Create a customizable database of services provided to clients or corporate entities for billing purposes.
  • Physical file tracking: Create an electronic tracking log of physical files in your office, recording information such as the borrower, file number, time checked out, time checked in, etc. Produce Box Labels with selected details and even Bar codes, associated with the physical file of your clients. Tracking of box files movement. Check-in / Check-out Box files from central locations (laser barcode reader support), allowing to locate instantly who has which physical files.

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