Microgen 5Series is designed with flexibility in mind, enabling organisations to configure the software to meet the way the business wants to operate, both today and in the future.

  • User-defined Entity Types: Organisations can create additional entity types, and entity subtypes to complement the ones provided by Microgen as standard.
  • User-defined Entity Data Fields: Organisations can create additional user-defined fields for entities, bank accounts, relationships and portfolios. The following types of user-defined fields are supported: Boolean, Date, Decimal, File Path, Integer, List of Values, Path and String.
  • User-defined Relationship Types: A comprehensive set of relationship types is provided as standard. In addition, Organisations can add additional relationship types.
  • User-defined Registers: Organisations can add user-defined registers. Registers are a collection of related user-defined data fields, which may have multiple entries recorded e.g. a trustee decisions register, a complaints register.
  • Positioning of user-defined Data Fields: Unlike most competitor systems that only allow user-defined fields to be added at the end of an entity record, Microgen 5Series allows user-defined fields to be interspersed between Microgen supplied fields.
  • Microgen Supplied Data Fields: Organisations will be able to rename and/or hide many of the Microgen supplied data-fields
  • An extensive set of drop-down lists: Drop down lists for items such as currency, countries, address types, review types, analysis codes are provided as standard and user-definable drop-down lists can be added.