Microgen Financial Systems: Who are we?

Microgen Financial Systems offers a range of financial services technology systems focused on the global Wealth Management sector and also provides Application Management services.

Development and support services for Microgen-owned products and third-party applications.

Microgen provides development and support services on a range of software products and applications suitable for both Public and Private sector organisations.

This includes:

  • Microgen-owned software products, with a focus on the banking, trading and energy sectors
  • Applications built by Microgen using either Microgen’s software or other external technology
  • External software and applications for which Private and Public sector organisations have outsourced UK-based application management services to Microgen.

Microgen-owned software

  • Microgen G3

    Fully scalable and integrated private banking, custody and investment management system Microgen G3 is a fully scalable and integrated private banking, custody and investment management system used by... Continue reading

  • Microgen Musketeer

    Microgen Musketeer is a treasury risk management system suitable for use by the treasury function within investment banks, retail banks and other financial institutions.

  • Microgen Cortex

    Microgen Cortex is a software system designed for companies trading commodity products, with particular focus on the London Metal Exchange (LME).

  • Microgen PowerQuote

    Microgen PowerQuote® is a software product that enables retail electricity suppliers to price complex contracts for end-user customers or energy brokers.

  • Microgen Interlink

    Microgen Interlink is the preferred product design system for investment management companies trading as multi-managers, fund of funds, pooled pension, and segregated funds.

  • Microgen AIMS

    Microgen AIMS is a unique and effective system for the global asset management market and provides integrated portfolio modelling.

External Software and Applications

Microgen has more than twenty years’ experience of delivering a wide range of cost effective, UK-based application management services to the Private and Public sectors.

In today’s economic climate, reducing costs and maximising the use of internal resources are critical imperatives for most businesses. Outsourcing system support and development of one, or all, of an organisation’s business IT systems can help achieve significant cost savings.

The advantages of outsourcing these functions include:

  • Extending the life of legacy applications / solutions
  • Reducing operational costs
  • Gaining access to external business and technical expertise
  • Accommodating fluctuating demand levels

Microgen provides dedicated support consultants with the skills required to resolve application problems when they arise and to deliver be-spoke and larger developments.

Microgen takes responsibility for all, or any, aspects of the maintenance and enhancement of an organisation’s application systems. The service compromises a pre-agreed number of support days per period, and reporting is provided to account for time used in each period. Regular service reviews and a clear Service Level Agreement and escalation path all contribute to a customer-friendly, efficient applications management capability.

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