PowerQuote is a software product that enables retail electricity suppliers to price complex contracts for end-user customers or energy brokers.


The preparation of electricity pricing quotations requires a significant amount of published and customer-specific information (for example, 3rd party costs incurred by the supplier, customer consumption data, meter details, site details). PowerQuote links this data to standard or individual customer contract definitions ensuring quotations and contracts that the software produces are consistent and accurate. PowerQuote is fast and highly scalable enabling it to be used by mainstream retail electricity suppliers.


PowerQuote also provides standard interfaces with other energy systems, such as CRM, Demand Forecasting, Meter Registration and Billing, to enable it to be the ‘Core’ of your business.

Due to the ‘Out of the Box’ nature of the product, PowerQuote can be implemented quickly, typically within one to six months including customizations and initial reference data population.

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