Musketeer is a treasury risk management system suitable for use by the treasury function within investment banks, retail banks and other financial institutions.


Musketeer allows its users to record their trades in banking treasury products, to settle and confirm these trades once entered, and then accurately account for them to market standards. A wide variety of products are supported, from basic loans, deposits, and foreign exchange, to interest rate derivatives and bonds. By simplifying complexity, Musketeer enables an organisation to respond rapidly to business opportunities in new banking markets, and to manage global/local trading activities on a single, flexible and expansive platform.

A Highly Configurable System: Musketeer enables user configuration of key structures throughout the system, including static data and instrument templates.

On Demand Group-Wide Risk Profile: Musketeer enables organisations to run multiple legal entities on the same system with each entity maintaining its own positions, limits, P&L and accounting functions independently.

Cost-Effective Treasury Management: Musketeer improves cost management through flexibility, allowing treasuries to derive precise, dynamic, real-time information viewed in a simple global or sliced and diced manner.

24 Hour Global Trading: Musketeer’s flexible business unit and location hierarchy is structured to enable advanced system processing operations on a global 24×7 basis.

Real-time Treasury, Capital Markets Trading & Risk Management: Musketeer provides real-time, accurate information at every stage of the trading and risk management process, from deal capture through to middle office risk management and back office confirmations, payments, settlement and accounting.

High capacity straight through processing (“STP”): Musketeer is capable of scalable processing, from the low volumes demanded of a small regional banking entity, to the very high daily volume of transactions required for a tier 1 bank.

Open access to 3rd party & in house systems: Musketeer’s database is capable of being fully accessed by authorised users, this allows live or historic deal information to be used by external applications outside Musketeer e.g. Crystal Reports. Musketeer’s gateway server application manages the free flow of information into and out of Musketeer e.g. the Importing/Exporting of Trades/Reports from/to other in house systems.

IFRS accounting principles: Musketeer uses IFRS standard accounting for all banking transactions.

Oracle, Sybase and SQL Database compatible: Musketeer uses the most common database standards in the industry.

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