Interlink is the preferred product design system for investment management companies trading as multi-managers, fund of funds, pooled pension, and segregated funds.


It provides investment management companies with the ability to define multi-manager investment products in a structured, unitised manner and to maintain the complex interrelationships between clients, products, investments, fees, and returns in an easily manageable way. Interlink, therefore, represents a middle tier that effectively binds investor administration systems above to asset management systems below.

Interlink allows for the definition and maintenance of unitised product hierarchies: their extent, composition, and the number of levels they span. They are user-defined and may be altered over time to meet changing requirements, such as the introduction of Net pricing.

Additional modules offer extra functionality. For example, the Asset Explosion module allows Interlink to import underlying portfolio instrument information from the asset manager, apply it proportionally to the user-defined product hierarchy and target holding percentages, and report on the effective instrument exposure at any level of the product hierarchy, including the client level.

Interlink also provides:

  • Automated cash allocation, including support for contributions, withdrawals, and switches.
  • Portfolio re-balancing, in order to re-align portfolios with target holding percentages.
  • Compliance and performance reporting through additional modules.
  • Complex fee and expense accruals for clients and portfolios, defined by user-definable rules which can be assigned to any level of the product hierarchy.

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