Accelerate the creation of new
services and automate
complex business process.
Build quickly and collaboratively
Build smarter applications that
integrate Big Data volumes
Reduce costs of software                  development and maintenance

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Build Quickly

Quickly and collaboratively build enterprise applications using a platform that is intuitive to IT developers, enterprise architects and business stakeholders alike.

Rapidly Process
Big Data Volumes

Build smart enterprise applications that integrate your data. Cost effectively address the most demanding transaction processing performance, availability and scalability requirements.

Reduce Costs &

Streamline your development process around a cohesive, comprehensive and intuitive technology stack. Remove your organisation’s reliance on writing and re-writing complex code.

Case Studies

See how Microgen Aptitude is powering business-critical applications across industries from banking to digital media to transportation to logistics to utilities to...

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Rapidly Design, Develop and Deploy Enterprise Applications

Address the challenges of traditional development approaches that often involve developing code from scratch or bolting together clunky technology stacks. Microgen Aptitude’s comprehensive, intuitive, all-graphical environment uniquely provides the capability to quickly and collaboratively deliver enterprise applications.

Navigate in 3D

Navigate in 3D

Take a new level of control over application projects by leveraging an all-graphical, diagrammatic approach to development. The innovative Microgen Aptitude 3D Navigator enables teams to view relationships and dependencies between project elements, collaborate more effectively and change applications easily.

Bridge the Business and IT Divide

Bridge the Business and IT Divide

Working with a single graphical platform, business and IT teams ensure that software applications meet business needs on the first development cycle. All stakeholders can see and contribute to application projects.

Simplify Development with a Comprehensive Technology Stack

Graphical 3D Control

Simplify development with a platform that provides the technology components required to quickly build enterprise applications. Stop spending time bolting together and maintaining disparate technology components.

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Enterprise-Class Performance

Microgen Aptitude is an Enterprise Application Platform. It provides a comprehensive set of technology components with the performance, availability and scalability required by the most demanding enterprises. Reduce cost and complexity from application development.

Integrate Data and Applications

Integrate Data and Applications

Build smart applications that use your data, “Big” or otherwise. Microgen Aptitude makes it easy to consolidate, enrich and transform data from source system such as databases, files and spread sheets. Easily link new applications and processes with existing infrastructure, including ERP and CRM systems.

Rapidly Process Big Data Volumes

Performance Through Design

Cost effectively deliver applications that manage and process hundreds of millions of transactions per hour. Microgen Aptitude’s unique processing performance capabilities enable applications to deliver results more quickly while reducing hardware costs and energy footprints.

Reduce Costs & Complexity

Reduce Costs and Complexity

Reduce the cost and complexity of software development with Microgen Aptitude’s comprehensive and intuitive approach to application development. The all-graphical, yet enterprise-class platform empowers teams to rapidly design, develop and deploy applications.

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